Clarence Coyotes

2016 Season Preview

Jim Schall has added a new team to the league from a familiar location. Building from a pool of young talent, it was time to throw their hat in the ring. They look forward to matching up against the veterans of their local team as well as with those of the league.

The pitching staff for the Coyotes will be Jon Romine, Jeff Bennett, Tyler Schall and Andy Stover. Kyle Granite and Cullen Hamilton will be the catchers. Offensively, the Coyotes will look for leadership from Dillon Schall, Ben Verbitskey, Tyler Bennett, Jordan Kobularcik, Tanner Light, Zach Sayers, Ethan Kline and Devin Gohn.

Contact Info
Manager: Jim Schall
Phone: 814-590-5862