Pleasant Gap

Pleasant Gap actually plays in Bellefonte. Follow Governor’s Park Road all the way around to the right and you will end up at the Governor’s Park field.

Ground Rules

  • If a ball hits a tree overhanging the outfield fence in fair territory on the fly it will be considered a Home Run.
  • If a thrown ball gets lodged in any canvas or padded areas in foul territory the ball will be considered out of play with the normal base advancing rules.
  • If a ball goes beyond the imaginary line from the corner of the Home dugout to the backstop fence or the Vistors dugout and the third pole in on the backstop from that end it will be considered out of play, there will be no catch and carry due to player safety and equipment that tends to rest there.
  • Any ball landing fair and rolling under the outfield fencing in foul or fair territory the outfielder must raise his arms and umpires will check and award a ground rule double if necessary.