Howard plays at a field that is behind the Howard Elementary School, which is 255 School St, Howard, PA 16841

Ground Rules

  • There are openings on either side of both the home and visitors dugouts, the out of play lines will be drawn from the poles to the side of the dugouts if a ball crosses that line it is out of play.
  • There is also an opening down the first baseline and the out of play line goes straight over the opening from one pole to the other. In these areas the catch and carry rule applies.
  • The fences should be pretty tight to the ground but if a ball gets stuck underneath or goes through players should throw their hands up and it will be a dead ball.
  • The ball can be played off the faces of the dugout but if it crosses into the dugout it will be ruled out of play.
    • If a fence is not put up in the outfield the following will apply.
    • If a ball is hit fair and it hits anything paved, the road or the parking lot, or lands beyond those areas on the fly it will be deemed a homerun. If the ball rolls or bounces and then goes onto any of the said paved surfaces it will be ruled a ground rule double. If a ball is hit down the right field line and it hits the tree on a fly in fair territory it will be ruled a homerun. Everything else is all you can get.
    • If a ball hits the shed in right center on a fly but does not bounce onto the pavement it is a live ball and all you can get. If it bounces off of the shed and then onto the pavement the outfielder should put his hands up and it will be ruled a ground rule double. If it rolls underneath the shed, again defensive player put your hands up and it will be deemed a ground rule double.
    • Players cannot run onto the pavement to catch any fly ball if a fly ball is caught on the pavement it will still be ruled a homerun.
    • Defensive players should be cautious of the swing in right field, the telephone pole in left center, and the small trees along the road in left.
  • If there is a fence put up in the outfield the following applies.
    • If a ball gets stuck, rolls under, or goes through the fence the defensive player must put their hands up and the batter will be awarded a double.
    • Defensive player be cautious of the fence poles, and try not to run through the fence.