Results: Clarence Mounties @ Pleasant Gap


                              1     2     3     4     5     6     7       R     H     E

Clarence                0     0     6     2     5     x     x       13     12    0

Pleasant Gap        0     0     0     0     0     x     x        0       0     1

WP Justin Koleno    LP Zach Moerschbacher


As neither team was in a hurry to get the offense started Tuesday evening when the Mounties got rolling it was over just as quick.  Scoreless through 2 Clarence would tack on 6 runs in the 3rd inning collecting just as many hits and sending 10 batters to the plate.  With Justin Koleno efficiently holding down the Peppers that would be all they needed but the Mounties weren’t finished.  Adding 2 more in the 4th from a pair of doubles with Justin Taylor’s plating both of the runs Clarence would try to end the game in the 5th needing only 2 more runs to give them the necessary 10 they would get there with a 2 run double from Chuck Probst but Taylor left the last mark by hitting a 3 run homer to cap his 3 hit/5 RBI evening and ensuring a Mountie victory.  The only thing better than the Mountie bats was the performance on the mound by Koleno who would only face 17 batters and not give up a hit to the Peppers while striking out 4.

 Top Hitters Clarence (3-0)  Chuck Probst (single, double)  Justin Taylor (single, double and Home Run)  Ryan Macnamara (double)  Justin Koleno (2 singles)

Top Hitters Pleasant Gap (2-3)  none

 Clarence will travel to Lemont on Thursday and Pleasant Gap goes to Spring Mills      


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