The Shoes Say It All

11407159_911528985570706_4136556914734355568_nFirst year Lemont Duck’s player Kyler Mellott has found a way to honor two important people in his life.

Earlier this year, Mellott, a junior, was entering his first year of Varsity Baseball at Bellefonte, and he wanted to honor two individuals that mean so much to him. One was a close friend that he had played Little League ball with. Dylan Crunick wore the number 8 and he and Mellott always pushed each other to get better. Dylan was taken home after a two year battle with cancer. The other person was Mellott’ s Great Grandfather. June Mellott had suffered with cancer for a few years and this past Christmas day, was taken home as well.

Before the baseball season started, Mellott decided that since he couldn’t alter anything on his uniform, he could use his cleats to carry a symbol. His left cleat carries the letters and number “DC8” and the lace is the color representing the cancer Dylan Crunick fought. The right cleat carries J60 and the lace again is the color representing the cancer June had fought.

11406825_393552037522595_4269433026858263049_nMellott used these during high school ball, and continues to wear them with the Ducks. He not only uses them to honor the two, but to also draw inspiration and strength from each of them. Young or Old, cancer can attack anyone. Mellott works very hard so that these two individuals are never forgotten.


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